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Thread: Bruno Sammartino to be inducted into HOF

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    Default Bruno Sammartino to be inducted into HOF

    I wonder what happened that finally led him to change his mind and get inducted. My understanding is that they were trying to get him for years.

    He really should have been the first inductee ever. Bruno was by far the biggest WWWF star prior to the Hogan era, he held the belt for like 11 years combined for 2 runs and sold out madison square garden a ridiculous 200 times. i don't think he has been in anything WWE related for like 25 years

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    Bruno speaks…

    - In speaking with the local CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh, PA, Bruno Sammartino noted that the main reason why he finally accepted a Hall of Fame invite is because he believes WWE has addressed health concerns that he has been outspoken against for decades. Here is what he had to say…

    "So muchsteroidsand unfortunately other drugs involved in that. And I was very appalled by that. I hated seeing the game that I had been in for all those years come down to that. We started having some deaths and so forth, reported due to these drugs.

    They do very strict drug testing. And just from watching it now, I can see that these guys are not on drugs. Being that they made those changes, now that they want me in there so badly I absolutely accept it because they did what I wanted them to do."

    Read more athttp://www.411mania.com/wrestling/news/272443/Bruno-Sammartino-Says-The-WWEs-Wellness-Policy-Played-a-Factor-in-Accepting-The-Hall-of-Fame-Induction.htm#7dIBBlPHlv74Zmtx.99

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    Bruno got paid, pure and simple. That it. Thats THE reason. Hes admitted it. He admitted he threw a really high $ figure he didnt think they'd match and the E did.

    Bruno got paid, pure and simple.

    Everything else is BS... they still use drugs in the E, that much is obvious.,
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    Hasn't always been about the money with this guy? There were drugs and other crap when he was wrestling. Pro wrestling wasn't built on the shoulders of saints.

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