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Thread: What am I doing wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by epkenpo View Post
    Your sample diet is total ****.
    Nothing green, nothing to boost metabolism at your age, and everything listed is man-made and came from a box or bag (cheerios, sliced deli meat, "whole wheat" muffins etc.)

    You are definitely snacking and not telling us, probably sugar or something in your coffee, and I would like to see more on dinner.

    Or, you are (if that is what you are truly eating) not getting anything worth a **** into your system, and you are in starvation mode.

    Things to eat:

    Green leafy ****ing vegetables.
    Other vegetables.
    Nuts and fatty oils.
    Beans and legumes (google what they are)
    Other small portions of protein (tofu, perhaps a bit of red meat every now and then)
    Some dairy because you are old.

    You will never, ever, get diesel eating sammiches and cereal.

    If you have to buy it in the middle isle of the supermarket, as the briton's say "It's ****"

    yeah, thats what I was really eating. I cut my coffee drinking down to 2 or 3 cups aday. no sugar but I would use creamer, about 2 Tb spoons.
    I don't eat alot of greens, just green beans. I'm a very picky eater, and I know it does make it hard for me to have a good diet. Fruits was just apples.

    I took a week off, and got back into my old schedule of only eating once a day. But I haven't gained any weight. Tomorrow I'm going back to the diet and working out. A new start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BJPENNSTATE View Post
    Seems like you're doing everything right.

    Weight is overrated. It's how you feel and how you look. You're eating right, and exercising right. Maybe it's water weight or added lean muscles from swimming. Fat turning into muscles make you weigh more. Maybe you weighed yourself at night? I know when I weigh in the morning, I'm 176 lbs, and at nighttime, I'm 183lbs after dinner, and all the water I drank throughout the day.

    And another question, why are you such in a rush to lose weight? You're 42, do you want to look sexy for your 25th year high school reunion?

    What matters is your LDL, HDL cholesterol levels, blood pressure, resting heart rate, fasting glucose levels, and % body fat.

    Weight is overrated.

    Edit: just read that you quit smoking. I see a lot of patients have a rebound weight gain when they quit smoking. I don't advise you to smoke though. The weight gain after quitting smoking is only temporary though.
    I have to agree with this. I know it's annoying having a gut, going through the same thing right now, but think of what you are doing for your body: you quit smoking, are eating less/healthier, are going to the gym six times per week. Those are all impressive things that you are doing for your body. Your heart, lungs, muscles etc will all thank you. And I don't know if you have kids or not, but by keeping yourself in shape like this you give yourself a chance of being around for them longer and actually being able to take care of yourself longer. Keep up the good work, the weight will come off!

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