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Thread: My first grappling tournament in 3 years..

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    Default My first grappling tournament in 3 years..

    I'm finally getting back to competing. My last fight in MMA was in July 2011 and my last grappling tournament was in April 2010. I'm going to tear through this scene in Seattle. The fight scene here is great, but I'm on another level with my guard game and they have 5 minute or 7 minute rounds based on experience. I'm about to blitz some mother****ers.

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    p4p best sandbagger in seattle!

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    When is it exactly?
    I'm currently on vacation in Seattle.

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    keep us updated when/what/etc. have you been actively training outside of competition these last couple years? I took a few years off, no real ground work at all, just started training again at that Demian Maia affiliate and man my conditioning is ****, I've been focusing on gaining muscle mass and stand up technique for the last year or so and it showed, I rolled with a 62 year old my first day back and he had me throwing up by the end of the hour

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