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Thread: Name your winners (Before the Golden Globes and Oscars screw it all up)

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    I didn't see Silver Linings Playbook.. Worth seeing?

    Zero Dark Thirty was awesome but I didn't like it better than Lincoln and while she was good, I don't think Jessica Chastain was Oscar worthy in it

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    Using Bak3d's format....

    Best Picture: The Master

    Best Actor: Joaquin Phoenix

    Best Actress: Jessica Chastain

    Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones

    Best Supporting Actress: Amy Adams

    Best Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

    Best Animated: Wreck it Ralph

    Best Original Screenplay: Django Unchained

    Best Adapted Screenplay: Argo

    Best Cinematography: The Master

    Best Visual Effect: Prometheus

    Best Original Score: The Dark Knight Rises (Hans Zimmer)

    Best Original Song: Adele - Skyfall
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    Made one change to my picks. Skyfall for cinematography because Life of Pi is a little too Life of "CGI" to win the award.

    And for the record I haven't seen " The Master ", so I'm not sure how it would impact my picks.
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    Awards were all screwy this year. I haven't seen all the films yet but from what I've seen this year, I'd have to give my top picks to:

    Best Picture: Argo

    Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis

    Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

    Best Supporting Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
    Seriously. The lack of acknowledgement for his performance is ridiculous. Christoph Waltz was also phenomenal, I'd like to see him take the Oscar since Leo got yet another snub.

    Best Supporting Actress: Sally Field
    (I don't do musicals so have not seen Les Mis.)

    Best Director: Ben Affleck

    With the exception of a handful, I didn't see many quality movies come out this year. I saw my first James Bond movie (Skyfall) and was totally impressed. Dunno why I always thought they'd not be my cup of tea, but it was excellent. I think Argo was exceptional. I'd have to say that The Silver Linings Playbook was my favorite of the year.

    I still need to see The Master, ZDT, and Amour.

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    Ok, finally seen " The Master " and I've changed some of my picks. Joaquin for Actor and Hoffman for supporting.

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