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Thread: 2012 College Football Bowl Pick em Thread

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    Just got in from Miami. Being an OU guy with an ND wife, I was hoping for a close game and anticipated a great battle between the ND D line and Bama's O line (especially the two guards and Center). Early on, Bama was smart and ran opposite to the side Nix was shaded to (usually the strong side). Later, the Bama Oline blocked him really really well; running at him and blocking him on pass plays often one on one as he tired. I didn't think Jones would be able to have such a great game against him. I was really, really wrong.

    I expected draws and screens to work quite well against the Bama D. ND didn't run much of these; and when they did, they were stopped well by Bama.

    Great showing by Bama. I'll have to watch the replay of the game this week. From what I saw live, it was a display of excellence in Oline play and play calling. Hats off to Saban and crew. 3 in 4 is absolutely impressive in this era of ball.

    As far as OU, I've been critical of this team for 4 years. Have never been a fan of Landry Happyfoot/overthrow/pull on 3rd down/never take the big hit to deliver the great pass/pull in the redzone/Jones. But to blame it on Jones is not accurate. It's a larger and flawed philosophy that has developed in Norman that seems to be to blame. They fail to create space in the spread due to lack of a running game and lack of any meaningful downfield threat. Watch the A/M game and see how the d crowded and crowded and crowded the spread due to lack of anything to keep it honest. The only passes that OU completes are 3 yard dinks that are given to them. It's akin to a pedigree bred dog digging throught the trash for scraps all goddamn game long. It will ALWAYS fail against good opponents in close and bigstage games.

    I just can't wrap my mind around how a staff that has recuited and developed DMarco Murray, Adrian Peterson, Loadholt, Gresham, Gerald McCoy, and Tommie Harris can be so lacking in talent on the Oline, RB, and Dline positions.

    Stoops and co seem to have really let up on the talent that they recruit, with thoughts of -----------"we can do fine with 3 star type talent on O and D since we can get smaller guys to fit out schemes on O that runs up tons of worthless yards on offense, and we'll still outscore 90% of our conference opponents regardless of how ****ty our non physical, small, and easily-gashed-for-60-yard-homerun-play defense is." -------

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    Are people seriously still talking about Mussberger's comments? I thought I had missed something because I was like there is no way they are talking about "you quarterbacks get all the good looking women! Youngsters you better start throwing the football around the back yard with pops!" He talked about her for like 30 seconds during a 35-0 football game. Give me a break.

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    Baph 24-11

    Sooner 23-12

    Vegeta 21-14

    Straight crown 20-15

    Final Standings

    Congrats to the guy that wasn't even gonna pick at first. Was real close here at the end. Making picks made alot of games that would have been pointless and that i probably would not have watched alot of fun

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    That's true. I'm glad you guys talked me into it. Otherwise I would have watched about 5 games instead of 20 and it was fun.

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