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Thread: 'Macho' Camacho Boxing Legend SHOT in Puerto Rico

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    I would assume they are more then likely waiting for toxicology results before donating his organs as well.

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    teetering on the edge


    He's officially gone now....RIP "Macho"

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    Abortion Inc.

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    rip macho man
    first randy savage last year, now camacho this year. not good for macho men. i'm worried about The Village People.

    i think camacho will make the boxing hall of fame, he isn't a first ballot lock, but is more of a borderline case who fought forever.

    pretty amazing that he never got KOd, and I'm not sure if he was ever knocked down considering he fought Trindiad and De La Hoya when they were killers and much younger and bigger than him, and absoultely prime Chavez, and a bunch of other big hitters

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