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Thread: They Just Don't Make Them Like This Anymore

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    Default They Just Don't Make Them Like This Anymore

    Good afternoon, fantasy fighting comrades.

    When I answered the call of esteemed IFFL commissioner and fantasy fighter's fantasy fighter, Mr. Jason Derris, I suspected that the team I would end up with would consist of a handful of drooling mules and a few refugees from that other site for whom I would likely need to provide direct supervision to whilst fight prognostication was taking place.

    I thought that I would put in long hours at the office, inevitably burn out, then fall into an e-funk that would extend even into real life, fueling cirrhosis-inducing Jameson and Beamish binges, poor life choices resulting in a downward spiral of legal troubles, and who knows what else.

    Little did I realize the literal goldmine of opportunity I was seated upon. I can say, without reservation, that the squad I have assembled is more cumulatively impressive than any team in the majestic history of this fine guild of e-pugilists.

    I present to you, the new and improved, Reservoir Dogs...

    Hall-of-Famer and battle-proven forefather of the MMAWeekly fighting scene...PrisonYard!

    Hall-of-Famer and undeniably one of the best to ever to do this ****...reesandrew!

    Shoo-in for the 2013 HOF vote, back to cement his e-legacy...seki!

    Triple crown champ and grizzled veteran, fresh off a newly squashed e-beef...kenner187!

    And perhaps one of the most versatile champs-of-everything in MMAWeekly history...Hunter!

    I defy you to name a team as talent replete as the Dogs anywhere within the dusty, moth bitten annals of this prestigious e-sport. As such, instead of issuing e-notices to the lesser teams of today, I will simply refer you all to an excerpt from the 1992 Tarantino film prophetically inspired by our coming exploits...

    "Listen [fantasy cretins], [we're] not gonna bull**** you, all right? [We] don't give a good **** what you know, or don't know, but [we're] gonna torture you anyway, regardless...You can say anything you want cause [we've] heard it all before. All you can do is pray for a quick death, which you ain't gonna get."

    That is all.
    Current/Former Champion of the MMAF, UFF, EFCF, ACFL, SBFL, FF1U, and MMATF.
    GP Champion, FOTY in 2 Separate Leagues

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    I'm excited and honored to be part of a team with such legendary fighters. I almost feel out of place!

    Reservoir Dogs are taking the IFFL. Be warned.

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    Holy **** that's awesome

    Are seki, PY and reese really going to start competing again?

    Weekly in general just got a whole lot deeper
    2007 MLB Playoffs Pick 'Em Champ
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    That is a great team.. but this isn't an old timers sport anymore.

    The Outlaws are the best team around and once we beat these Green Wombats, we can destroy your team full of Hall of Famers. Give me your best guy, I'll take him out myself.

    Let's Go Red Wings
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    2x Former ACFL Champion
    MMAF Record: 42-32-2
    ACFL Record: 32-27-3
    EFCF Record: 13-16-1

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    Have another Irish coffee and get back to me in a couple weeks after we retire you guys.

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    Looks like the start of a dynasty, good work gm Irish

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    It does look like the start of a dynasty. Just not with the old timers. The outlaws ruined gwa and reign supreme. I've been On the last 3 great teams and this team looks like its the best of the best of the group.

    Welcome to the rodeo bitches
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    3x IFFL champion
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    2011 Team Grand Prix Champion (Green Wombat Army)

    MMAF (7-5-1)
    UFF (11-14)
    The Cult of Apophis (2-0)
    Outlaws former IFFL Champions (5-0)(3 Title defenses)
    Roughnecks former IFFL Champions (5-4)(1 Title defense)
    Green Wombat Army the 2011 GP Champion
    GWA former IFFL Champs(12-3)(3 Title defenses)

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    Impressive lineup irish. We look forward to fighting you guys.

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    ACFL: 33-29-1 (2x former ACFL Champion) -ACFL Hall of Famer
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    Ryan Bennett: 2-0
    3x SBFL Champion
    2009 SBFL Grand Prix Champion
    IFFL Champion (Outlaws)

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    washed up hasbeens,

    ACFL and MMAF Champion and all around good guy.

    Clay Guida beats Takanori "The Fireball Kid" Gomi by Submission (Gulliotine Choke) at 4:27 Rd 2

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    I'm about to take out the captain tonight. lol

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