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Thread: Overeem vs. Bigfoot Silva

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    Quote Originally Posted by Premier View Post
    Exactly. one thing is to make an educated pick and go with AO. But like you guys, I give Bigfoot his props.
    I agree too. I mean hell, Alistair doesn't love getting hit and when he's mounted and getting rained down on, he turns and looks for the door. He doesn't handle that situation well at all. If Bigfoot can get on top, stay there, and mount, he could pull this one out.

    Like you and the other guys who are giving him his due, I just don't see how he does that. I'm excited to see Bigfoot against the almost top guys. The Roy Nelson, Stefan Struve, and those kind of fights. Those are all killer match ups for Bigfoot to see where he really is.

    I liked what someone said. The UFC has terrible luck when trying to get a fight they want. They want JDS vs Overeem, watch Cain and Bigfoot end up going at it, lol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamg2001 View Post
    He was winning with strikes before he lost by strikes? Shogun must of gotten lucky twice and stopped a superior striker with strikes. So he was doing well against elite fighters before he lost? He was unlucky a lot in that loaded Pride devision.

    If he didn't have that extra 20lbs of muscle that he added from juicing he would lose his size advantage and he wouldn't be able to control the clinch as easily among other things.
    maybe instead of reading the results on Sherdog you should watch the fight? Overeem was winning the fight, got taken down, and then lost by GnP. Typically you don't recognize ground striking when you are talking about the best striker in MMA. Usually that topic is discussed under "GnP" just so you are aware.

    I also stated that Overeem was amazing until he gassed and he was. He was manhandling Chuck and beating Shogun until he gassed. As he gained experience he learned to pace himself, please argue the points I make and try not to make up arguments and then Argue against them. Also, I do think the 20 lbs helped BUT I still think you should do more research on roids before claiming they are solely responsible for the fighter Overeem is today.

    Finally, your assumption that someone's legacy is destroyed by juicers is comepletely inaccurate, you don't think people still respect Royce Gracie? Tim Sylvia shafting his pants was more detrimental to him than roiding (that and his horrible outings post UFC).

    Juicing isn't the end of the world, you just have an all or nothing attitude that was beat into your head by someone you respected and now you regurgitate his sentiment...
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