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Thread: UFC and MMA suck now, the sport has peaked and is finished, and I am done with it.

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    Default UFC and MMA suck now, the sport has peaked and is finished, and I am done with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Son of Nog View Post
    Before anyone says I am trolling or anything like that, let me say, this is no troll job, this is important stuff, and I'm the real SoN.

    The UFC and the sport of MMA just absolutely suck now, the sport peaked some time ago, and I am done with it. This is post is being made on the fly so it will be scattered but its some **** I think needs to be said and that I want to get off of my chest.

    **** is watered down

    UFC and MMA suck now. There are too many cards and they are all watered down. It is as simple as that really. Too many cards, too many fights, too many fighters you've never heard about. The fights are also boring these days. The champions are too interested in keeping their belts and fight not to lose. I feel like a sucker every time I watch a fight card these days. I feel like I've been robbed of my money and my time.

    It used to be that main cards were like a great main event, a really good co main event. One or two solid fights. And then one fight with a new comer or something. Now the cards are watered down on all levels. The main events are featuring guys who have no business fighting in a main event or fighting for a title. The notion of a co main event doesn't really exist anymore. And the other three to four fights are made up of guys who I have never heard of before and have no business being on a main card or even in the UFC. It used to be that by the time a guy made it to a UFC main card there was buzz around him either from impressive undercard performances or from dominating in the smaller shows. Most of the fights on UFC main cards these days are just absurd and a waste of time.

    No more stars

    Some of you hardcores may watch MMA because you like a good scrap but for me and for most MMA fans we watch because we care about WHO is fighting and we are emotionally invested at some level in the fight. But the UFC killed the idea of having stars. They got scared that guys would become bigger than the league and they stopped making stars. Couture, Ortiz, Liddell, Wanderlei, BJ Penn, Fedor, Cro Cop, The Reem, Nick Diaz, GSP... these guys were stars! You cared about these guys! The UFC was scared these guys were getting to big for their bridges so they stopped making stars. Now its just a bunch of company yes men that you don't really care about punching the clock and fighting for decisions. I liked to watch MMA because I was a fan of particular fighters. The only guys I want to see fight now who still fight are GSP, Diaz, and The Reem. GSP fights basically once a year, Nick Diaz is currently retired and suspended, and the Reem is out for a year. Good stuff.

    No more real fighters

    Now its just a bunch of guys showing up for a little bit of fame and a pay check. Who is bringing a fight like Diaz, Liddell, Wandy in his prime, or Fedor these days? No one. Remember when Kenny Florian fought to finish fights? No joke, it was awesome to watch Florian bring the fight. Contrast Kenny Florian losing his title fight and becoming rededicated to improving and then going on this streak where he just punished people to the "champion" Jon Jones dancing around for four rounds against Rampage and then doing the same running away **** against Rashad. Look at the countdown show that showed Josh Koscheck with his plane and his cars and his mansion. Then they guy shows up and has a boring fight against Hendricks. That dude isn't a fighter. He's a real estate owning businessman who showed up to collect a check. I am sick of these boring fights and feeling like a sucker. The dudes these days aren't fighters or mixed martial artists. They are guys just showing up to collect a check.

    Jackson's MMA

    Congratualtions to Greg Jackson and his camp. You guys figured out how to be the most successful camp in MMA. But as a consequence you are destroying the sport and making it incredibly boring. Carlos Condit is a champion because he was able to kick Nick Diaz in the leg and literally run away for twenty five minutes? Congrats, you guys made a champion. But now I don't want or care to see him fight again. And good job with Jon Jones. He is one of the most creative and dynamic athletes that the sport has ever seen. But now all he does is run away for twenty five minutes and rack up safe and boring decision wins. I really have no desire to watch Jones fight, he is a boring fighter. And if all that wasn't enough. Jackson's MMA has done the unthinkable. They turned Clay Guida into a boring fighter whose fight got booed. Wow. At first, calling Jackson fighters boring was a cliche that jealous camps and fighters would say. But it really is true. Their fighters are boring and they are ruining the sport.

    Drug and steroid suspensions and HGH

    Two of the only fighters left that I want to watch are currently suspended (Diaz and the Reem). It is ridiculous that Diaz is out for a year because he had cannabis metabolites in his urine. Good job commissions... suspend the most exciting fighter in the sport because he had legally smoked marijuana in the last month. It would be awesome if Diaz fought every four to six months and the UFC would get my money if he did. But he is suspended so I can't watch him fight and the UFC won't get my money. And the same for the Reem. I want to watch the guy fight but he is suspended. The UFC and the Reem need to watch what he puts in his body and stop getting popped on drug tests. If the Reem was fighting for the title it would be a fight worth my money and time. Mir vs JDS, a fight where I literally know the outcome before the fight. Not worth my money or my time. The recreational and steroid drug suspensions are taking out big names and making the cards even more watered down than they were already. UFC, get on your game bros, figure out a way to stop YOUR EMPLOYEES from getting popped for drugs and suspended.

    And the HGH thing, while just barely creeping to the surface these days, just seems dirty. Guys are taking this because they took steroids in the past. It's obvious. It just feels weird to see a bunch of science projects fight in a cage and not something I am interested in supporting. Guys who do not take HGH can be at a serious and potentially very dangerous disadvantage in the cage. Only bad things are going to come from this HGH abuse and the UFC and commissions, instead of supporting it, need to investigate this problem and get to the bottom of it and fix it.

    The commissions

    The commissions are responsible for the bad refs and the atrocious judges. After so long it stops being funny and absurd and these awful decisions, marijuana suspensions, and HGH condoning get really old. The commissions' lack of ability has gotten old, they never seen to improve, and they are helping to ruin the sport.

    The lightweights

    It might be just me, but I do not think the lightweights are that exciting. 125, 135, 145, and even some 155 is just boring to me. I know a lot of MMA fans disagree strongly, but a lot do agree I believe. The small guys just do not have the same excitement or star power that the bigger weights have. As these lightweights have become more prevalant the sport has become less exciting and more watered down and more full of decsisions.

    Dana White

    No one else in the world could have made the UFC and MMA what it is today besides Dana White. He was the perfect man for the job. And he did a great job. But for the last ten years he has worked at an unsustainable pace. I respect and admire his hard work, but his pace is simply not sustainable. He is a master promoter and the less Dana is around the worse the UFC will do. Dana did a great job with his company but he is like a lawyer or surgeon in the sense that he and his business are one. The UFC needs Dana to promote it but Dana has worked at an unsustainable pace for the last ten years and he simply has to slow down. As he slows down so will the UFC. That is my prediciton.

    The MMA media

    You will not be hearing about how MMA and the UFC are done from the MMA media. Why? Because the UFC's and MMA's popularity is what cashes their checks and puts food on their tables. If they were real media and journalists they would report on the dissatisfied fans, the problems in MMA, and the declining pay per view numbers. But they are not real media or journalists. They are riding the MMA wave and cashing their paychecks while the sport is still somewhat popular. If anyone is going to be in denial about MMA and UFC's decline it will be the MMA media so don't expect to hear about any of this from them any time soon.

    These are just some of the problems MMA has but bottom line is that the sport has peaked. I used think about the sport almost every day, I watched every card, and spent a lot of money on MMA. Now I could care less about the sport, there are only three fights that I would spend money or time on (Silva/GSP, GSP/Diaz, Silva/Jones), I literally spend zero money or time on the UFC, and I think the sport is going to continue to go downhill.

    And I was going to make this post before what I hear is just an atrocious fight card tonight. I read on twitter that Canadian fans ("the best MMA fans in the world") were leaving the arena before the main event had even started. Tonight's card is just another example of how watered down and awful MMA and the UFC have become. The glory days of the sport are long gone. It was a fun ride.
    Just in case.

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    TL: DR

    you're a fag.

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    Guess thats the end of that "Pro betting" career you had going then. Don't let the door hit you in the ass. And by the way...there are no more stars? Really? Spider just blasted Sonnen (and should be thanking Sonnen for actually making him famous so as to speak), Bones just face rolled the entire 205 division, GSP is on his way back, and JDS is carrying that HW belt pretty damn well. Are the cards watered down? You betcha - but trying to equate that PPV tonight to "its all over" just shows you aren't very bright. MMA is still in its infancy but is growing by leaps and bounds. And will continue to do so. Right now we are biding time until more athletes who are actually being raised in MMA hit the scene and then it will really take off.

    Try and remember too that for every roidy haymaker fight you saw in the past there were also terrible matches that were just painful to watch. Rewatch a lot of Pride or any of the other orgs that have come and gone and you will see what I am talking about.

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    Ok .

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    Sadly I agree... Except for reem being on that list. He doesn't deliver for the amount of hype he gets. Anderson is top 3 most exciting fighters in the UFC... Not the roid.. Err reem
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    If you were done with it, you wouldn't have made this post. You would have simply left. Which makes you a liar.

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    Goddamnit JRoth you are not!

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