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Thread: What say you, MMAWeekly Forum Posters...

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    Default What say you, MMAWeekly Forum Posters...

    So me and a couple of friends have had an MMA Pool going for the last couple of months, and we're come upon a little problem and i'd like to see what the folks here think of it, and what you all think we should do. Technically I think this should probably be posted in the Fantasy forum, but i'd like to get as much input on this as I can so i'm posting it here.
    How the pool works is all 5 of us submit our picks before the fights. We pick all the fights on the main card. We pick the winner, the round and the method. You get 2 points for picking the winner, 1 for the round and 1 for the method, but you can't receive any points unless you get the winner right. This round of the pool ends after this upcoming card this weekend(It runs for 6 month periods). Upon looking through the scoring results today I noticed that for the Johnson vs McCall fight at the UFC on FOX: Alves vs Kampmann card, 3 of us received 4 points for picking Johnson by decision, 1 of us received 2 for picking Johnson by 2nd round Submission, and 1 received 0 points for picking McCall by Decision. Now as you all remember, Johnson was announced as the winner in the cage that night via majority Decision, but it was later revealed to be a mistake on the scoring card and the result should have been a Majority Draw, and the official result was later changed to a Draw. For instances like this, do you believe we should be scoring by the result that was announced in the cage, or the actual result that was corrected not long afterwards?

    If it didn't matter either way this would be an issue we could just settle ourselves, but since the points race is very close heading into the final card, and since we all have a vested interest in how the points are awarded here, i'd like to hear from an impartial audience(Yourselves) on what you believe we should do.

    Thoughts?  5144

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    The official result has nothing to do with what Buffer says. Only the official result should matter.
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    What I use in fantasy fighting is the decision at the end of the post fight press conference.

    In this case that was a draw.

    This prevents fights that are overturned in subsequent days.

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    100% you use the actual result. The actual result was a draw and that doesn't change because one guy doesn't know how to read a scorecard properly. Since nobody predicted a draw then nobody gets any points.
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    Vegas wouldn't give you money if you bet on no one should get any points.
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    In MMAF (the longest Fantasy MMA league in the history of the internet) we used the result that was announced in the cage. I think you should go with that

    Reasons why:
    Fights have been changed for many things later on (failed piss tests, wrong decisions announced, rulings on fouls overturned, etc)

    So I disagree with every previous post here, and think you should go with what has announced in the cage
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