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I ended up dating a girl I went to high school with who's parents actually lived a couple of blocks away from the Gateway Skytrain station. During undergrad, she'd go home on weekends and stay with her parents, so I'd go visit. On my way home, if it was after midnight, I'd stop at red lights, then blow right ****ing through if no cars were going the other way. If you didn't, odds are somebody was gonna approach you, and they didn't want to be friends.

Got stopped by cops twice doing that, and didn't get a ticket when I gave them my honest reason.
I was at Surrey Place buying basketball shoes, oh, say around '90, when I saw the younger brother of a guy I used to play baseball with. Well, he had become a low-level crack dealer (under his brother naturally) and he flagged me down. I said hey and he asked me to drive him across to the Rec Centre. There, we picked up 2 or 3 of his friends. Then he asked if I could drive them back over to Surrey Place. I did (I used to look after this kid during his brother's baseball games). I dropped them off and they ran inside. It was then that I noticed the 2 police cruisers over by the bus loop, no doubt looking for... crack dealers.

Whalley's awesome.