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Thread: Pujols

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    Tex is no Albert.

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    Im sure he will bounce back this season, but in a few years (4-6) people are going to realize that his contract might be the worst of all time. 10 years, GTFO!

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    getting close to 100 ABs with nothing to show for it. Hmmmm.
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    It's not just a homerun slump, he's not hitting at all.



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    The ball doesn't fly out as nice as it does in st louis as it does in anaheim. And pitchers aren't afraid to go after Pujols. Alot less angel gear being worn around OC lately. Fans are jumping off the bandwagon quick

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    Still hasn't done **** all of anything. Classic.
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    hell i dont know why u guys are talking trash about him he could have just pulled off the biggest troll job ever, he knew he wouldnt be as good and got 10 years 252million dollars? hell i bet hes okay with sucking LOL

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    Angels fan here and its depressing watching him knowing how much we are paying him.

    But it's not just him. We are also paying Vernon Wells over 20mil a season and he is fukn horrible.

    Pujols is just off. He is popping up everything to the infield . It's not like he is getting hits and hitting the ball well, he is striking out a lot and popping up to the infield. He is no where close to turning it around. Plus the rest of the team is slacking so they can just throw him junk and not worry about the bats behind him
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tapout2.2 View Post
    But, you were sad to see him go. All Cards fans were. If you werent, then you have no loyalty to a guy who got you some good hardware.
    How can a Cardinal fan be accused of not being loyal in this situation? He left us, no the other way around, and the entire time he contended it wasn't about the money. He was not loyal, and I along with j, are not sad to see him go.
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    We already have a celtic pride.

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