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Thread: Animal Stack & Tribulus cycle!

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    Default Animal Stack & Tribulus cycle!


    Been working out for over a year now and have made some good gains, Im now steping up my training and have bought some Animal Stack, Ive read tons of reviews and it seems like a great product for packing on some muscle but also burning some body fat!

    When it arrived it came with an additonal tub of Tribulus, now what I can make out from this is that I am to cycle AnimaL Stack for 21 days and then use Tribulus for the next 7 days and repeat if I wish to continue and am happy with Animal Stack!

    Any one elase ever used this product this way, Im 30 years old so a booster will come in handy and will work in line with my goals, just wondering if anyone else has experience with this!

    Many thanks

    Alistar "Kennith" Overeem!

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    well, what did you think? I've never seen Animal Stack, I've taken Tribulus, I don't think it really does much honestly but different bodies probably respond differently, I didn't take it as a post test booster, I took it with Erase Pro, which was decent, I don't have much to compare it with, just like how I felt/looked before and after ya know, it did help me get rid of a decent amount of stomach mass.. I've been trying a body recomp at 170, I don't want to get much smaller but can't afford to gain much weight, it took me all year to get my stomach down to where it's at (still don't have abs or anything) I'm probably like 12% bodyfat right now

    I've been taking APE for the last 2 weeks, it has great reviews online, it's hard to tell if it really is doing a whole lot, I did notice a little more acne on my body and a stronger libido, you take it 5 days on then 2 days off, the 2 days off I get mood swings and just kinda feel ****ty in general, I've dug out of a little rut too while on it, my bench was stuck at 195, I've finally moving past that

    idk, just curious which one of these supplements work the best? if they're really worth the money or not, I'm waiting until I see the end results of APE before I say it's worth the money, I will say already that it seems to be working better than the Erase Pro/Tribulus run I did

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