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Thread: Ron Artest is a piece of trash

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    Lakers have a bunch of thugs, nothing new. Bynums cheap shot of jj last year, Kobe's cheap shot on Artest in the 08 playoffs or any of his dirty elbows he throws, or any of Barnes or Blake cheap shots. Just a dirty team. nothing surprising here. Suspend him for the rest if the year and make an example of him.

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    I knew that when the Lakers got Ron Artest I would slowly but surely begin to like them much less. It's got to the point where I deeply root against them. I think he is one of the biggest cunts that I have seen in pro sports.

    It's not just Artest either, Bynum has proven to be quite the douche, watching Kobe has become old and seeing him try and shoot himself out of a shooting slump has become annoying, they do nothing for me anymore. Not even that tall spaniard that gets posterized by Blake Griffin. Nothing.

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    I hate ron Artest, but I also remember playing basketball and getting accused of elbowing dudes on purpose when it wasnt

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