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Thread: Sonnen vs Kenflo on Overeem situation

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    horse meat is the secret to a 14-to-1 ratio

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    Quote Originally Posted by painter View Post
    Agreed, with every MMA outlet throwing their two cents worth in, there is no way that he will get a fair shake no matter what his defense is. Being a big fan of Overeem I have very mixed feelings over this, Overeem deserves his day in court and I am hoping he comes out of this with his license and his Championship fight. I can only hope.
    Overeem doesn't deserve a day in court actually. He deserves a day in front of a professional commission, who are likely more biased that this **** happened after he ran away from a pre-fight test against Brock than because of what some Web Warrior's write.

    I get that as a fan you want to see him come out unscathed, but I can't think of a worse possible result for long term MMA prosepects.
    A Black Belt is just a White Belt who didn't quit.

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