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  • I would put money on Jones beating Rashad @ -505

    12 50.00%
  • I would put money on Rashad beating Jones @ +405

    8 33.33%
  • I want Jones to beat Rashad

    6 25.00%
  • I want Rashad to beat Jones

    10 41.67%
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Thread: Rashad/Bones- Betting versus Wanting

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    Quote Originally Posted by math is hard View Post
    But would you risk $101 to win $20? To me, that's too low of a payoff. I'm pretty sure Jones will win, but I'd feel stupid losing $101 dollars just trying to win $20. However, I'm not much of a sports gambler, so maybe some people would see value in that bet.
    I don't know much about odds, I just know that if you put something down and the guy wins, you win. I don't do sports betting, was just saying that Jones is the one I think will win.

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    I will put some cash on Rashad in Vegas.

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    Depends if you think Rashad should be that big of an underdog.

    I have only bet when I went to events live in Vegas. Last time was 130. I was really confident that Stann was going to beat Santiago so I bet to make 200 profit on it. Then I looked at the odds for Thiago Alves vs Rick Story, and thought they were off considering the streaks each had been on at the time. Alves was rightfully the favorite, but I didn't think he deserved to be as big a favorite as the odds dictated, so I put my perceived profit off of Stann on a bet on Story. Ended up working well.
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    Jones could get big brothered here.

    You would be going full retard as an experienced bettor to not through a few on Shad at those odds
    The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That's pride ****in' with ya!!

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    Picked Bones for both. Extremely easy choices
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    Betting on a 5/1 ON (-500) favourite in a prize fight is daft! Too much risk betting $100 to win $20 when it's a fist fight you're betting on!!!

    At 4/1 (+400) then I guess there is a bit of reward for Rashad but really, Jones is a decent favourite for a good reason (he's most probably gonna win!), so the best bet on this fight is not betting!

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