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Thread: WWE Wrestler Adopts Diego's "Yes!" Chant

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    Quote Originally Posted by (v2)ROVPitViper View Post
    This part made me laugh the most in that interview:

    "Speaking of Diego Sanchez, he also did something ludicrous in his last fight: Brandishing a cross in front of him like he was warding off a vampire. If my character has to change at all, I might do that [laughs]."

    Diego Sanchez....Vampire Hunter? The potential is huge here...

    He could double his popularity overnight if he changed his nickname to Dirty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynchman View Post
    I remember WHAT. That ended up being a nightmare for wrestlers as folks would chat it regardless of who was talking.
    Still do. At any pause you can hear a small group of idiots yelling it.

    Its not as bad as it used to be when the whole crowd would do it, though.

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