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Thread: Did youF-ck up like seriously Fu[k up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by purekane View Post
    On the flip side. A good woman can change your life.

    Edit: So... like cavebear said, it's all about

    the attempts..
    Truuuuuuth. My brother PK speaks it. Praise be to Allah
    Quote Originally Posted by CaveBear View Post
    Iowa B!tch.............you want daddy, you got him...ima Beat your punk azz...then make you lick my taint for good measure. /Video will ensue

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    Quote Originally Posted by vegeta420z View Post
    Dude I ****ing trained at Tq for 8 ****ing hours a day 6 ****ing days a week i gave all vices in my ****ing life i put every thing i cared about on the ****ing back burner i bet all my chips on black back when i was younger took a chance moved up to Ptown with the goal of being a pro fighter. I gave my everything to this ****ing **** i put my all to it gave everything i ****ing had to be my ****ing dream and because some little punk bitch (one of my coaches start running his mouth to my girl (ex girl aka stupid ****ing slut) i threw all away fought my ****ing coach got kicked out and gave it all up.i regret that **** every ****ing day of my life. I gave up my ****ing dreams my destiny for some stupid ****ing whore slut ****ing bitch who i hope burns in ****ing hell with her dirty ****ing snatch. Bitch leaves me and i drink myself damn near to death. now here i sit with severe liver damage i cant even run more then 3 ****ing miles with out feeling like i am gonna die. So no come back I'm too ****ing old anyways .

    Don't give up your dreams people **** all the distractions and all the road blocks and the stupid ****ing сunts you think love you. go for your goals don't let heaven or hell or nothing ****ing stop you.And to all you ****tards that think i am talking out my ass **** you burn in ****ing hell.

    I could have had class i could have been a contender i could have been somebody instead of a bum which is what i am


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