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Thread: Did youF-ck up like seriously Fu[k up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by purekane View Post
    On the flip side. A good woman can change your life.

    Edit: So... like cavebear said, it's all about

    the attempts..
    Truuuuuuth. My brother PK speaks it. Praise be to Allah

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    Quote Originally Posted by vegeta420z View Post
    Dude I ****ing trained at Tq for 8 ****ing hours a day 6 ****ing days a week i gave all vices in my ****ing life i put every thing i cared about on the ****ing back burner i bet all my chips on black back when i was younger took a chance moved up to Ptown with the goal of being a pro fighter. I gave my everything to this ****ing **** i put my all to it gave everything i ****ing had to be my ****ing dream and because some little punk bitch (one of my coaches start running his mouth to my girl (ex girl aka stupid ****ing slut) i threw all away fought my ****ing coach got kicked out and gave it all up.i regret that **** every ****ing day of my life. I gave up my ****ing dreams my destiny for some stupid ****ing whore slut ****ing bitch who i hope burns in ****ing hell with her dirty ****ing snatch. Bitch leaves me and i drink myself damn near to death. now here i sit with severe liver damage i cant even run more then 3 ****ing miles with out feeling like i am gonna die. So no come back I'm too ****ing old anyways .

    Don't give up your dreams people **** all the distractions and all the road blocks and the stupid ****ing сunts you think love you. go for your goals don't let heaven or hell or nothing ****ing stop you.And to all you ****tards that think i am talking out my ass **** you burn in ****ing hell.

    I could have had class i could have been a contender i could have been somebody instead of a bum which is what i am


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