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Thread: ACFL Hall of Fame Induction 2012

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    Default ACFL Hall of Fame Induction 2012

    The opening of the ACFL was yesterday and we are proud to announce our first two hall of fame inductees:

    buffaloblue [25-19-2] (4 KO, 9 Sub)
    Longest ACFL Defending Champion, Most ACFL Submission Wins, Best ACFL Winning Streak

    Tokyudo [33-29-1] (12 KO, 5 Sub)
    First ACFL President, Most ACFL Wins, Most ACFL Knockout Wins
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    Damn I am good.

    Clay Guida beats Takanori "The Fireball Kid" Gomi by Submission (Gulliotine Choke) at 4:27 Rd 2

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    Thanks everyone for all of your votes. I'm truly honored. I've been competing in this league for a long time and I will continue to for as long as this league lives. I've had many great battles and I look forward to future ones.

    UFF: 25-14-3 (Former UFF Champion)
    MMAF: 29-32-3 (Former MMAF Champion)
    ACFL: 33-29-1 (2x former ACFL Champion) -ACFL Hall of Famer
    EFCF: 55-34-4 (4x EFCF Champion)
    Ryan Bennett: 2-0
    3x SBFL Champion
    2009 SBFL Grand Prix Champion
    IFFL Champion (Outlaws)

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    What I respect the most about Tokyudo, is he saw a place for this league.

    Regardless what I thought, or others thought he blazed a trail for this league.

    While I dont nessesarily agree with every decision or how some things happend, at the end of the days thats neither here nor there. I am an opinionated son of a bitch, and I am not always right.

    I respect what Tokyudo not only did for this league, but his record as a fighter in it.

    Clay Guida beats Takanori "The Fireball Kid" Gomi by Submission (Gulliotine Choke) at 4:27 Rd 2

    This sig was bestowen upon me by XXXvaletudoXXX

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    I toss my vote to Tokyudo and Buffaloblue.
    It's me. It has to be.
    : )

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    Blue, you were a solid competitor in the league in this league, but you pushed yourself over the top and broke record after record over these last 8 events. Keep up the solid work in the league.

    Tokyudo, you were the original ACFL.. from the begining you have been the founder, creator and pioneer who started the greatest Asian MMA fantasy league. For a long period of time, this league competed against the best in it's early days. After I took over you saved my ass on more than one occasion. Your faith and loyalty to this league holds no bounds and you will forever be considered Mr. ACFL.

    Let's Go Red Wings
    Former MMAF Champion
    2x Former ACFL Champion
    MMAF Record: 42-32-2
    ACFL Record: 32-27-3
    EFCF Record: 13-16-1

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    Yawn, call me when one of them posts a 105 score out of a possible 108

    haha, just kidding. Congrats fellas, much desereved
    2007 MLB Playoffs Pick 'Em Champ
    2009 MMAF 32 Man Grand Prix Champ
    2009 MMAF Fighter of the Year
    Former MMAF Champ (4x)

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