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Thread: Guild Wars 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beer4Breakfast View Post
    I've been keeping tabs on this game and will most likely purchase it when it becomes available. Probably going to be buying a new pc at that time as well.

    The only thing that I didn't like about the original GW was everything was instanced outside of cities / towns etc, if I remember right. Any idea if that going to be the same with GW2?
    No, there are mini "Heart" regions which are personalized and instanced for you, but more than 95% of the game is a wide open world.

    its a true MMO.

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    Game's awesome.
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    Tera > Gw2 lolol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ligerbomb View Post
    Game's awesome.
    I'm so sad that I can't play it anymore.

    I had so much fun all weekend.

    So far, almost all of my complaints/criticisms are directly linked to the fact that the game is still in early beta. The most important thing is that the foundation of the game is rock solid, and it should only keep getting better.

    Did you try the WvWvW? Holy **** that was a ton of fun!

    I'm really pumped for this game. Next beta is supposed to be around the end of may, we should get together then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limelight543 View Post
    Tera > Gw2 lolol
    Have you tried both?

    I'm curious about Tera, I have watched a few videos of the gameplay, as well as having checked out extensive discussions about Tera and GW2 on Reddit.

    Basically, everyone is saying its a very easy(PvE) and very very grindy typical K-MMO with a very fun but slightly clunky combat system, and that it looks gorgeous, and has challenging open-world PvP.

    Apparently Tera has merged their Korean servers down from 37 to 35, to 15, and there is now talk of them crunching down another 4-5 servers. Tera Japan is dying, hard. And Tera Taiwan is also dying. Apparently one of the major issues is a **** load of botters and gold farmers. That's got to be a little worrying.

    I personally don't think it will last very long in NA. Even though SWOTR is bleeding players, its still going. And then after a few months of Tera, GW2 will show up on the scene and steal lots of players out Tera.

    One of the vids I watched:

    And honestly that didn't look impressive, the dragons seem so slow/dumb. That looked suppremely easy. But I do have a soft spot for taking on giant bosses...

    Your comment though, sounds like the typical fanboy fare you can see in the Youtube comments.

    "GW2 sucks! Tera > all! trolololol" or "Tera, created by God!" or "GW2 actually requires skill! Tera doesn't!"

    For some reason, the fanboys from each "camp" have decided to bash each others' choice into the ground. Its all so.. mature.

    One thing I have noticed is that a lot of Tera fans are ripping on GW2 for not being as pretty/fluid/slick as Tera, but they seem to forget that GW2 is still in early-ish beta, and that Tera is already like 4-5 years old. That's a tricky comparison to make.

    Anyhow, have fun with Tera. I hope those subscription fees will be worth it.

    At the end of the day, I'll wager that a crap-ton of the Tera fans, who're currently ****ting on GW2, will end up playing the **** out of GW2.

    EDIT: Also, I'd wager that Tera doesn't last 9 months with the P2P model.
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    Tera will be fine and those rumors are rumors and your taking info from reddit? They happen to play on my server so they will QQ bc they suck ass at everything so they say its bad because they cant play. Not grindy at all maybe last 7 levels You'll have to grind a level or two now and then to access more quests if you out level some but its very good atm. They arent dumb slow maybe...But thing is with BAM's they are 1 hit killers if they hit anyone besides a tank 95% you will die. Also bots you have that on any game WoW had it Star Wars will, Gw2 will Tera will its impossible to stop that. The warrior video now that isnt a good idea of what it is. That warrior is very good and that bam is very stupid yeah. Some dragons arent the smartest.

    If it goes F2p thats fine GW2 beta when i played it was meh it was fun but im doing Tera for PvP and the 5mans are very hard. Gw2 did okay for what it was in beta 1 wasnt very fun.

    The combat is clunky at times depending on the class but its very skill based a bad warrior is going to get destroyed over a good warrior a good warrior can do what hes doing in that video. A bad warrior will get rofl stomped

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    Reddit has better info than anywhere else that I have come across, many of the posters provide excellent sources, many of which happened to be Tera's very forums from various world zones, as well as analytical data. Not sure why me finding it on reddit would lessen their veracity.

    You wouldn't happen to be a 4chan or 9gag fanboy now, would you?

    I ask because the same fanboyism that is happening of Tera vs GW2 faboys is happening with 4chan vs 9gag vs reddit fanboys. Its really quite cute, and ultimately pathetic.
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    never visited either to be honest with you lol. I just figure the reddit guys are QQing bc they suck ass and get camped on my server and have 3 full guilds and cant win a GvG bc they are terrible. Played K-Tera loved it played GW1 hated it dont like the style of the game. Gw2 has some decent ideas but over all its meh for me after playing beta its just not what im personally looking for, the pvp like gw1 is very lackluster i dont like the instances zones, dont like the ability to have 39493849843 skills which will great in terms of doing different things but ultimately it will be looked over.

    Tera for me in pvp is light years ahead of all the others its tons of fun and very open world only thing i can say i hate is in terms of GvG's my guild which is the top Guild on JC has lost 2 battles due to troll guilds that go and pick off lowbies and then camp out in towns that needs to be fixed but the PvE is actually fun and hard some of the 5mans take some thinking and being on your toes bc u cant just stand still bc u will get 1 shot by 98% of mobs unless ur a lancer or a warrior

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    Yeah, the reddit TF2 servers are also covered in noob sauce. I don't play on their servers, or with redditors, I just hang out there because its a 10 million-strong community with over 1,4 million members of the gaming sub-reddit(/r/TerraOnline has over 4,8k).

    I don't think it fair, or even legit to compare GW1 to GW2. GW1 is a Coop-RPG with a strong focus on structured PvP.
    While GW2 is a true MMO-RPG with a strong focus on Structured, and World PvP.

    I thought that best thing about GW1 was the skill builds. The limited 8 skill deck demanded huge strategy in PvP, and even in high end PvE. I have about ~18 skill builds saved for my warrior alone, and they're all very different from each other, and are very useful for various situations. The skills in GW1 are best thought of as a deck of Magic The Gathering cards.

    Any other MMO I ever tried you had huge skill bars with 20-30-40 skills, yet only ever used a half dozen, and it essentially always ends up being a bit of a whack-a-mole approach. To this day, GW1 has the best MMO/RPG-style PvP I have ever experienced. I used to post builds on GvX. Good times.

    Anyhow, like I said, enjoy Tera, I'm going to enjoy the **** out of GW2.

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    Fan-made hype video

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